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Our goals are 1. To provide quality continuing education for counselors that moves the field of counseling forward by challenging individual providers to increase their skills, especially in working with survivors of trauma and 2. To advance the science of counseling by building on theories and practices that are shown to assist clients in recovering from various mental/behavioral illnesses resulting from trauma both childhood and adult onset..

Supervision, Consultation or coaching

Counseling for trauma related issues

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Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, anger, fear, or low self-esteem?

Since 1982, I have been helping clients overcome their issues and heal, transforming into the person God truly meant them to be. Over time, I began to realize that what most of these struggling people had in common was some form of unresolved emotional injury, wounds inflicted in childhood, adolescence, or in a previous adult relationship. These are wounds that don’t heal over time by themselves.

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