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Break EVERY Stinking Chain! Healing for Hidden Wounds

Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, anger, fear, or low self-esteem?

Since 1982, I have been helping clients overcome their issues and heal, transforming into the person God truly meant them to be. Over time, I began to realize that what most of these struggling people had in common was some form of unresolved emotional injury, wounds inflicted in childhood, adolescence, or in a previous adult relationship. These are wounds that don’t heal over time by themselves.

But there is a solution!

In order to fight back against the symptoms that chain you, you need to dig deep into your core and address this trauma directly!  Break EVERY Stinking Chain! Healing for Hidden Wounds integrates psychological research and Biblical study to give you a step-by-step pathway to beginning your healing journey. Identifying three distinct phases of recovery, we have further broken each phase down into stages, with instructions and Biblical support for each.

TAKE YOUR FREEDOM. Don’t be trapped in a personal jail of depression, anger, anxiety or fear any longer.

You should read this book if:

1. You feel stuck, personally or professionally, and can’t figure out why.

2. You’re willing to acknowledge God and consider that He might be for you and not against you.

3. You have a relationship with God, but are feeling alone and confused about why everyone else seems to “Get it” and you don’t.

4. You carry around anger, hurt, and resentment and don’t know why, let alone what do about it.

5. You’ve tried counseling, praying, 12-step groups and your life still feels unmanageable.

6. You love someone who has experienced trauma and want to help.

Stop living a life controlled by past wounds and start living a life free from your pain!