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Training Policies

TECS is committed to assisting professional counselors in their professional development.

Our goals are 1. To provide quality continuing education for counselors that moves the field of counseling forward by challenging individual providers to increase their skills, especially in working with survivors of trauma and 2. To advance the science of counseling by building on theories and practices that are shown to assist clients in recovering from various mental/behavioral illnesses resulting from trauma both childhood and adult onset.

Spirituality: TECS maintains a Christian statement of faith as noted below. TECS respects the rights of all people to make their own decisions about cultural preferences, including spirituality and does not discriminate based on ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual preference, or for any other reason. When spirituality is a part of a particular training, that will be noted in the description, therefore participants are encouraged to make an informed choice.

Refund Policy: TECS maintains the right to cancel an offered course for any reason and, upon this cancellation, will refund the entire registration amount. If the trainee wishes to cancel or is not able to attend an event for which they registered, they may transfer the registration to another qualified party, or may apply the unused amount to a future training within the following 12 months.

Confidentiality: TECS maintains the confidentiality of training participants and maintains records of CEU events based on the requirements of the boards for whom we are contracted to provide CEUs.

Disputes: Should a dispute arise regarding training, it is the policy to use mediation when necessary to resolve these disputes recognizing that trainees are consumers with consumer rights. In mediation it is TECS intent to follow our training policies as stated in this document.